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Our Digital skills services are facilitated through combined effort of our partner company LUMZYCREATIVES ,necessary to get you  professional solutions in Graphics/Video Editing, YouTube/Google advertisement,Animation and Webdesign.With affordable topnotch services that gives our clients access to business expansion tools and technical support on all projects, we are sure that utmost professionalism, efficiency and exceptional customer satisfaction is what you get.

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Web Design

 411 Integrated Audio services has 6 years experience in webdesign projects across various industries.


Search Engine Optimization

The need for online visibility has become a must in most 21st century businesses and there is a rise in global competition amongst industries.


Video Editing & Animation

When it comes to video editing,we offer unique and creative services in editing,composure,effects and animation combined to give our clients first hand video production at affordable prices.



We offer 80% of what we do in our training courses as we believe that collective development is what the society needs in the area of technology.

Why Choose Us

We offer you timely delivery of all services and deploy the best tools and professionals to handle your projects.

Qualified Expert

At 411 Integrated we have seasoned programmers,webbuilders,graphic gurus and media content creators with over ten to 15 years experience.

Flexible Schedule

We are capable of handling multiple types of projects irrespective of distance or work time.

Workmanship Quality

Team work is the fulcrum of our value system and we deliver tasks based on AREA OF SPECIALIZATION.

Affordable Package

All our packages are tailored to suite the needs of small businesses and startups as well as professionals.

Quality Professionals

Our team has strong background in web programming,Digital Marketing,Sound Engineering,App development,Humanities and Advertising.

Special Offer

We believe in the development of a digitally enlightened world .So we have training programs subsidized to put you on a journey to learn DIGITAL SKILLS like some of the services we offer.

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411 Integrated offers reasonable pricing, we make it a point of duty to eke out the best possible functionality based on the client’s budget. We view technology as a tool for the advancement of mankind and strongly believe that everyone should be able to benefit from its advantages. What are you waiting for? give us a trial let’s wow you.

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